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Banana Ghost Planks

It wouldn’t be Halloween with out a ghost or two, so we’ve put together the easiest and fastest snack to make over the holidays. This simple healthy Halloween recipe is great for the kids to make as it does not need any preparation or use of the oven! This recipe is for a serving of 12 but you can vary it to suit your party size.


6 firm bananas peeled and cut in half
24 mini chocolate chips
12 regular sized chocolate chips
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice


Divide each banana into 2 equal halves.
Brush the bananas with lemon juice  to prevent them turning brown, this  will keep them white longer

On each banana half put two mini chocolate chips for the ghosts eyes  and 1 regular chip for the  ghosts mouth arrange all of the banana ghosts on a small chopping board to resemble a haunted raft!

Please don’t forget that if you decide to make any of these horrifying recipes or any of your own whilst staying at one of our parks please send your photos to with the subject line – Halloween Treats. We would love to see and share your masterpieces!

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