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Is it time to take your owner on one of our dog friendly holidays?

Put your paws up and take our quiz to find your perfect getaway from one of 8 holiday parks around the UK and start planning which holiday lodges are best for you.

Question 1
Which of these is the ideal walk you would take your owner on?

Randy Robertson / CC BY 2.0

Question 2
How picky an eater are you?

David Shankdone / CC BY – SA 3.0

Question 3
What is your favourite doggy dream?

Moyan Brenn / CC BY 2.0

Question 4
Which celebrity are you most like?

Mike McCune / CC BY 2.0

Question 5
What's your favourite thing to do with your owner?

Jelly Dude / CC BY 2.0

Question 6
What do you get told off for the most?

Emily Killian Molina / CC BY-SA 2.0

Your ideal holiday destination is… Cornwall

Take your time here. There is so much to see nearby to the holiday lodges, but there is no point in rushing it when the coastline looks this beautiful. Take in the famous beaches that have made cornwall one of the most popular destinations to holiday in the UK. Also get your owner to treat you to a Cornish Pasty, you know you deserve it.


Your ideal holiday destination is… Devon

So many walks, so many beaches, so many places to see! This is going to be a great trip, full of excitement and adventure. Pin your ears back and run like a mad-dog through a variety of scenic backgrounds. There's a real element of exploration with Devon with it's many amazing secluded beaches, if you need a change from the beautiful popular ones.


Your ideal holiday destination is… Cambridge

Make the most of the culture that Cambridge provides. Just beyond our luxury holiday lodges in Suffolk is a historic city, where you can gaze at grand cathedrals, museums and libraries. Or you can retreat into the countryside on the riverfront and read some of the famous works of the Cambridge scholars. Perhaps a bit of Milton, Bertrand Russell or even the works of Stephen Hawking.


Your ideal holiday destination is… East Sussex

The ideal place for you to relax with your owner. Enjoy the amazing countryside and the beauty that it provides. Make the most of the luxurious lifestyle that East Sussex provides whilst also getting stuck into some of the activities with your owners.


Your ideal holiday destination is… Essex

You have everything on your doorstep, the woods, the coast, villages, towns so get busy and enjoy your surroundings. There's no time for sitting around when there is so much to do!


Your ideal holiday destination is… Norfolk

You are here to relax. Find yourself a nice spot by the pool. If only your owner would let you in the hot tub or even take you on a spa day it would make the holiday even better. But you will be very happy with the relaxing atmosphere that the Norfolk Holiday Park brings whilst also offering a scenic leisurely walk.


Your ideal holiday destination is… Suffolk

Our holiday lodges in Suffolk are perfect for you and your owner, as the quiet but intriguing villages dotted around are ripe for exploration. With award winning butchers dotted around, you're guaranteed to get a hearty, meaty dish for dinner. Our dog friendly holiday parks are also nearby to many beaches and historical sites so you can experience a dynamic range of attractions.


Your ideal holiday destination is… Berkshire

More like Bark-shire… Berkshire offers the ultimate sanctuary. Get yourself the 5 star treatment you know you deserve. Enjoy the long walks along the river and know that there is world-class food at many of the fine dining establishments, waiting for you near your holiday lodge, upon your return.


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