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Halloween Recipes

All Hallows’ Eve is approaching and we have some great Halloween recipes to conjure up some smiles and get the party started.

These Halloween recipes are a selection of some fantastic nibbles and treats for all to enjoy. We have put together some fun recipes for you to follow which are sure to impress. Each of our Luxury Lodges have fully equipped kitchens, perfect for bringing these fab recipes to life.

One of the reasons why Halloween is such an exciting holiday. Whether it’s designing the perfect costume from scratch, decorating a building to resemble a haunted mansion, or whipping up some spooky and spine tingling treats for your guests, Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to get our creating juices flowing and most of all have fun. Below are 12 Halloween party food ideas for you to serve to your family in a Luxury Lodge this Halloween.

What is so great about these Halloween recipes is that they all sound scrumptious but have a terrifying appearance. Whether it’s a a bowl of scary witch fingers, pizzas covered in olive spiders, or a chocolate mousse that stares right back at you, these recipes are sure to go down a treat for their authenticity.

If you decide to make any of these horrifying recipes or any of your own whilst staying at one of our parks please send your photos to with the subject line – Halloween Treats. We would love to see and share your masterpieces!

Each one of our Lodges come with an entertainment system so whether your dancing to the ‘Monster Mash’ or sitting down to watch horrors in the living area, nothing will make your evening more delightful than a selection of home made sweets and treats.


 Wicked witch fingers


 Halloween ginger cookies


 Candied pears


 Halloween teeth


 White chocolate mousse


  Candied Apples, Halloween party food, Halloween recipes.


 Mini pizzas


 Deviled Eggs, Halloween, Party food, Recipes.
 Banana Ghosts


 Chocolate Mousse


 Pumpkin soup recipe


 Spooky sausage Mummies


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