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About 50% of the British population suffer from some kind of insomnia in the form of either insufficient or poor quality sleep.  Our hectic busy lifestyles can greatly contribute to sleeping problems which can then cause other health problems such as poor concentration, irritability, lethargy, fatigue mood swings and even depression.

Relaxing in a hot tub can be one of the best ways to provide the full benefits of hydrotherapy in the home environment.  Hydrotherapy and hot water are the perfect combination to relax the body to prepare for a deep sleep. Relaxing in your hot tub helps to ease muscle tension and joint pain with the jets massaging specific areas of the body.  Other factors like a comfortable mattress, eliminating stimulants like caffeine and alcohol and not eating just before bedtime can also help in your self-management programme.

With your very own hot tub on one of our luxury holidays and combining the general relaxing comfortable environment of your beautiful lodge, we aim to help you feel refreshed and revitalized after a good night’s sleep.


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