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Leading the way in Hot Tub Holidays

Nothing compares to the calming experience of stepping into your own personal sanctuary on the decking of your Signature or Autograph Lodge.  Slip into a gentle bubbling hot tub and just unwind.

It has been scientifically proven that regular use of a hot tub can improve our general mood and well-being, which in turn helps us sleep and makes us happier, more productive people.

All you need do is sit and relax in a hot tub to feel the positive effects – it is such an easy activity to do, and whilst you sit there your circulation is being improved, along with your heart rate and also your body is being purified of toxins at the same time.  Hot tubs are extremely helpful and pain relieving if you suffer from rheumatism and arthritis as heat from the water makes the collagen tissue more flexible aiding movement with less discomfort.

In addition to this a hot tub helps reduce stress.  Sitting in the hot tub being massaged helps you escape from the ringing of a mobile phone or email with more demands.  It gives you the time out we all need, who you choose to spend that time out with on your Dream Lodge Hot Tub Holiday is up to you!

Lodges with hot tubs are a very popular extra and are available at all of our parks, many of which enjoy beautiful views over spectacular countryside.

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